Super Natural FAQs

How is Dragon Pearl Super Natural different from other shots?
Dragon Pearl's green tea shot is the only one made with natural, concentrated theine instead of caffeine. It's also the only one that provides a full serving of fruit (instead of sweetener), and is a beverage rather than a supplement.

You'll also find that there are none of the common side-effects from chemical energy shots... no jittery feeling or mind-racing experiences... just pure, clear energy that's full of natural antioxidants and nutrients. In short, there is nothing else like it.

What's wrong with regular energy shots?
They don't work as well as fresh green tea shots... and they don't taste good! But we also think large doses of chemicals like tuarine, phenylalanine, sucralose and niacin have unpredicable and potentially dangerous side-effects. Popular energy shots are pharmaceutically synthesized, and most contain artificial sweeteners that may cause a variety of health problems.

Why use green tea for energy?
For thousands of years, humans on this planet have been drinking tea to feel refreshed and revived. Of all the organic teas from our mountain farms, the mao feng green tea is highest in theine (the caffene-like alkaloid naturally present in tea) as well as antioxidant properties. Three cups of our potent Taimu Mountain Mao Feng will make anyone feel great!

Why is the tea extract in Super Natural Energy so special?
Grown in the pure air and soil of the Fujian Mountains, where the finest green tea in the world has been grown for thousands of years. The coastal breezes, full sunshine and clean water provide the perfect conditions for photosynthesis and glycolysis. Each 2.2-ounce shot contains over an ounce and a half of this extract, the equivalent of three strong cups of fresh green tea.

Are there any side effects from using tea this strong?
Not unless you're caffeine sensitive. If so, use only half a bottle and see how it affects you. The only other side effect might be sleeplessness, if you drink Super Natural Energy at night. Drink it at least six hours before bedtime. (Positive side effects might include certain superpowers like increased creativity, productivity, insight, awareness, courage and perseverance.)

How do you infuse the tea?
We brew the green tea in whole-leaf form in giant teabags. The leaves are packed at the farm, so they arrive fresh and ready to steep.

Why can't I give it to my dog?
Super Natural Energy tea shots are combined with pure superfruit juices, including dark purple Concord grapes. Grapes are toxic to dogs, causing acute kidney failure.

What do you do with the used tea leaves?
Farms use them for compost... but not until we've steeped them twice.

Why are doctors prescribing Super Natural tea shots?
This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease, and the FDA has not evaluated this specific product. However, individually each of these ingredients have been carefully and repeatedly studied. Patient feedback has been very exciting. (More about green tea studies.)

Can I use too much?
Yes. We recommend one bottle per day for most people, two a day for large people, and less than 1 per day for small people and those who are caffeine-sensitive. Do not drink more than a few a day! Using these powerful tea shots in excess may cause temporary sleeplessness, hyperactivity or even delusional behavior.

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