What It Does
Each Super Natural Energy tea shot contains three cups of very potent green tea. This drink will:
  • Provide the energy lift of 3 cups of strong green tea... which is like a huge, strong cup of coffee, but much smoother
  • Enable clear-headed alertness for 5-8 hours (depending on your metabolism)
  • Give you the natural vitamins and nutrients of fresh superfruits
  • Deploy illness-fighting natural antioxidants into your body
What It WON'T Do
This pure product contains no funny lab chemicals that might have dangerous consequences.

  • No bloating, irritability or mental cloudiness
  • No jitters, shakiness or anxiety
  • NO side-effects
  • NO sleep disorders
(Drink at least 6-7 hours before bedtime.)


    "I was really tired and the tea shot revived me instantly."

    "I had a lot of energy but wasn't jittery like I am with coffee."

    "Amazing. My roommate cleaned the house for the first time."

    "Absolutely delicious. It's like wine."

    "It has such a great flavor. I love the aftertaste."

    "I was completely alert and got some of my best work done."

    "I had energy all afternoon but I had no trouble sleeping."

    "That was the best workout ever! And I could do it again!"


    (Ships to USA ONLY)

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