The ONE. The only energy shot powered by natural theine from fresh-brewed, highly-concentrated green tea... optimum nutrient therapy for the human body. Guayaki Shot
Energy Source: Natural theine from fresh whole organic green tea leaves Energy Source: "Organic" caffeine added to powdered yerba mate, guarana, goji, etc.
Effect: Smooth, steady energy Effect: Mildly jittery energy
Side Effects: None Side Effects: Mild stress, shakiness, acid stomach, flushing, irritability, crashing
Sweetener: Real blueberry juice, pure Concord grape juice Sweetener: Cane sugar
Flavorants: No added flavors Flavorants: Extracts, salt
Food Value: Full serving of fruit Food Value: None
Health: Nutritious antioxidants Health: Questionable
Largest cost: Ingredients Largest cost: Packaging