If you drink energy shots, try theine instead of caffeine for a powerful, health-building energy lift without jitters or anxiety.

Dragon Pearl's Super Natural Energy tea shots are made from the most potent organic whole green tea leaves, brewed into a super-powerful fresh concentrate.

The equalavent of three big, strong cups of fresh green tea is in each 2-ounce green tea energy shot... similar to an extra-tall coffee, but without the shaky, nervous feeling you get with too much caffeine.

Feel better and stronger every day.

Mixed with pure pomegranate, blueberry, Concord grape and acai berry juices, Super Natural green tea shots are healthy, chemical-free energy from Mother Nature.

Super-Potent Green Tea - We brew our fresh, high-potency organic mao feng ("fur tip") green tea extremely strong to make a super potent tea shot! Grown in the pure air and soil of the remote Fujian Mountains, this is as good... and as powerful... as green tea gets.

Superfruit Juice - The nutritious antioxidant power of purple fruits sweetens the tea without added sugar.

  • Pomegranate Juice is known to support cardio-vascular activity and reduce the adverse affects of cholesterol.
  • Concord Grape Juice is one of the richest sources of resveratrol and other plant flavenoids, and Concord grapes provide a sweet, deep purple background for the tea.
  • Blueberry Juice is bursting with nutrition, and blueberries add a complex sweetness that complements the grape flavor.
  • Acai Juice is from South American berries that have extremely high polyphenol levels and contain essential nutrients, oils and fiber.

Pure Antioxidant Energy

    For thousands of years, tea has been known to reduce fatigue and stimulate mental activity, and we've packed three cups' worth in this tiny supershot. Dragon Pearl's organic green tea is grown in perfect conditions for the photosynthetic and glycolic cycles that develop the flavor compounds and polyphenols in tea. In short, this is the most potent green tea you can drink.

Mother Nature Rules
    You might notice that Dragon Pearl's Super Natural Energy is a beverage, not a pharmaceutical "supplement." We think the natural potency of fresh green tea is far better than chemically-based drinks. We do NOT add fake vitamins, fake "natural flavors," or potentially dangerous chemicals like phenylalanine, sucralose, or synthesized amino acids. Super Natural Energy is just organic tea and pure juice. There's nothing else like it.


  1. Shake
  2. Twist hard (or tear the strip)
  3. Sip to savor the flavors
  4. Clean the garage

* On a full stomach, it may take over an hour to get into your system. On an empty stomach, these amazing green tea shots will start clearing your head and giving you smooth energy right away!

  • No added or artificial sweeteners
  • No added sodium or acids
  • No synthesized amino acids
  • No tuarine, phenylalanine or niacin

INGREDIENTS LIST: Fresh-brewed mountain-grown organic green tea and pure juice from purple Concord grapes, pomegranates, blueberries and acai berries.

(Ships to USA ONLY)

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Do not give to dogs (grapes are toxic to dogs).

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